We are very proud to report that Polski Bank Komórek Macierzystych has become a member of EBMT – European Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation. It is the biggest non-profit organization in the world which brings together scientists, doctors and nurses engaged in research on clinical use of stem cells from different sources, including cells from umbilical cord blood and from umbilical cord itself. To become a member of EBMT it is necessary to be active in the field of transplantation or stem cell based therapy. We are the only bank in Poland and one of very few in Europe to belong to EBMT. This membership is significant because it is a guarantee for our customers that their umbilical cord blood can be used by any health centre in Europe.

It is another milestone in the development of Polski Bank Komórek Macierzystych says Jakub Baran, the President of Polski Bank Komórek Macierzystych. I would like to point out that EBTM is a top class international organization and by granting us a membership it appreciated our activities and commitment in the range of using stem cells for transplantations. It is an incredible honour for PBKM’s activity and in my opinion for the whole Poland as well. I am very proud of it because we have been working for this recognition for many years.

For over 30 years EBMT has been one of the most important organizations which deals with research, education, standardization, quality control and accreditation of transplantation procedures. Its mission, similarly to the mission of PBKM is a constant development of knowledge about the potential of stem cells and their use in treatment. Additionally, it is extremely important for us – a family and public bank – to increase the number of stored portions of stem cells all the time due to the fact that a bigger amount of biological material stored in the bank means higher chances to treat more patients in the future.

PBKM provides services of the highest quality to its customers – both those who have their biological material stored for the future and those who have stem cells prepared for a transplantation by PBKM. Till the end of October 2016 we issued biological material to save life and health of more than 500 patients all over the world. Thanks to this fact since last year we have been the leader in the number of issued portions of biological material in Europe.