Managment board

Jakub Baran

Chief Executive Officer of FamiCord Group

A visionary, Jakub co-founded the Polski Bank Komórek Macierzystych (Polish Stem Cell Bank) at a time when nobody had expected tha stem cells would be the future of modern medicine.

Jakub graduated... the Technical University of Wroclaw in Digital Signal Processing. He has more than ten years of experience in management. He started his career in the IT industry working at HP and IBM. Initially a sales engineer, he quickly became a sales leader and eventually went on to be promoted to sales manager achieving annual targets of several million dollars.

In 2002 Jakub engaged in the organization of Polish Stem Cell Bank, now the biggest stem cell bank in Poland. The Polish Stem Cell Bank, controlling the FamiCord Group with more than 120,000 customers, is a top player ranking No 2-3 in cell/tissue banking in Europe.

Jakub is personally responsible for more than 10 successful M&A transactions in many European countries.

In his private life Jakub is devoted to strategic games like GO.

Tomasz Baran

Sales & Marketing Director of FamiCord Group

Tomasz Baran is known for always looking outside of the box when it comes to business solutions.

He is a graduate of the Medical University of Lublin (MD), Warsaw School of Economics and the Univer...sity of Quebec (MBA). Tomasz has collected fifteen years of experience within areas of the pharmaceutical industryas well as in sales & marketing and business development. He has an extensive medical and business knowledge in many fields, including oncology, dermatology and hematology.

Since 2010, Tomasz has been a member of FamiCord Group management, where he develops strategies to approach the new and current customers.

Privately a fan of sports and good wine.

Marcin Radziszewski

Financial Director of FamiCord Group

A graduate in management and marketing at Warsaw University. After ten years of business experience in finance and audit, he is ready to take on any management challenge.

Marcin has been responsibl...e for FamiCord Group finance commission since 2013.

Privately a fan of cooking and MTB cycling trip.