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Rector of the Medical University of Warsaw prof. Mirosław Wielgoś and representatives of the FamiCordTx company: Dr Tomasz Baran - President of the Management Board and Dr Tomasz Ołdak - Member of the Management Board - signed a letter of intent regarding cooperation in the field of development and implementation of immunotherapy as an innovative cancer treatment strategy.

The purpose of signing the letter is to strengthen cooperation between the Clinic of Hematology, Oncology and Internal Diseases (WUM), the Department of Regenerative Medicine (WUM) and FamiCordTx in the field of CAR-T development - the most advanced and personalized technology used in hematooncological treatment, in which a drug for each patient is based on his own lymphocytes.

As prof. Mirosław Wielgoś emphasized during the meeting:

"CAR-T therapy - the greatest discovery and hope in oncology of recent years, can be used only in certified health care centers, therefore, by implementing it at the Medical University of Warsaw, we will become a reference center for FamiCordTx in the development of this technology in Europe. This is undoubtedly one of the most innovative and promising directions in medicine. WUM as a leading medical university and research center in Poland, employs highly qualified academic teachers and research workers, carries out specialized research and has clinical experience and appropriate conditions that allow the implementation of this technology. "

Tomasz Baran - President of the Management Board of FamiCordTx noted:

"The introduction of CAR-T in treatment is a breakthrough in the approach to treatment and opens a new category of cancer therapies - cancer immunotherapy. The essence of CAR-T technology is to equip the patient's own T lymphocytes with a molecule that will recognize the protein on the cancer cell. This process is taking place in a special cell engineering laboratory. Then specially modified T-cells - CAR-T - go back to the patient. In the patient's body CAR-T in a targeted manner destroys the patient's cancer cells. It is highly effective even after a single administration. "

Prof. Grzegorz Basak - Head of the Department and Clinic of Hematology, Oncology and Internal Medicine of the Medical University of Warsaw said:

"The Clinic of Hematology, Oncology and Internal Diseases of the Medical University of Warsaw, as a leading center in the country will be the first place in Poland for the clinical implementation of this state-of-the-art therapy in the World - genetically modified lymphocyte therapy. This is a unique opportunity for patients to increase access to breakthrough treatment. I hope that the first phases of clinical trials will give an access to an effective therapy for a large group of patients who would otherwise have little chance of success. "

Dr Tomasz Ołdak - Member of the Management Board of FamiCordTx emphasized:

"FamiCordTx has the exclusive license to develop and commercialize CAR-T technology in Europe. As a daughter company of Polish Stem Cell Bank, it is the first Polish company with the appropriate technological facilities, knowledge and experience necessary for the production of CAR-T therapy. Currently CAR-T therapies are manufactured by global pharmaceutical companies, and the cost is about EUR 400,000 per patient. The Medical University of Warsaw and FamiCordTx will cooperate in optimizing CAR-T technology and reducing treatment costs using CAR-T to increase their availability for Polish patients. "