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16 laboratories located in different parts of Europe gives our customers certainty of quick transport of cord blood after birth resulting in better cells viability. Owning labs also means full responsibility of the quality in all aspects of our work - that is confirmed by international and local certificates.


Accreditation  of  American  Association of Blood Banks for our labs in Poland, Hungary, Portugal and Spain ensures fullfiling the most stringent standards  set  for  procedures  related  to  cord  blood  banking.


Meeting FACT standards by our labs in Spain (Madrid) and Switzerland (Marly) demonstrates commitment to controlling every aspect that impacts the quality of products.


ISO  9001  is  certification  proving  quality management  specific  to  umbilical  cord  stem  cell collection, storage and freezing procedures.

The  processes  of  producing  ATMP  in  our laboratory  meet  the  requirements  of  GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). 

We also have the Food and Drug Administration Approval (FDA)  for supplying stem cells for live-saving transplantations for clinics in the USA.


Besides, the FamiCord Group also has a network partner labs in USA and Europe, which allows our customers to choose their preferred location for their children stem cells.