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In October 2015 Sevibe Cells became the first bank in Spain accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) - internationally recognized symbol of quality of products and services in the filed of cord blood banking. Being accredited by AABB means that all Clients of  Sevibe Cells can be sure that we meet the highest standards in  several different fields  from quality management system essentials  to technical requirements. In order to achieve this accreditations any cord blood bank has to  present the highest  level of safety of collecting, processing, testing, distributing and administering of the precious product.

There are 117 cord blood banks in Europe, only 5 ( 3 of them belong to Famicord Group) received this prestigious accreditation. "It's a very demanding accreditation," says Eloi Palà, General Manager of Sevibe Cells, which also requires a permanent effort to continuously improve and control processes to ensure greater safety in a case of eventual transplant. The American Associaton of Blood Banks carries out periodic audits to verify the implementation of the quality systems implemented, guaranteeing the safety of the samples to be released in case of clinical use. In addition, all accredited banks must take on a continuous improvement plan, obligatory to renew accreditation”.