FamiCord Group continues international expansion

Yasam is the oldest Turkish stem cell bank and has been operating for over 10 years. Yasam, like all FamiCord Group banks, has the highest quality standards. By 2013, it had provided on 4 occasions deposited umbilical cord blood to treat children. Yasam has its own specialized laboratory, providing...


Krio Institute (FamiCord Group) is to patent new stem cell processing method

KRIO has submitted an application to the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office to patent anew method for processing and storing mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs). MSCs are stem cells present in the umbilical cord connective tissue. The significance of the new and unique method is that it enables physic...


FamiCord Group member wins the second editon of Strategmed

FamiCord member companywon the second edition of the strategic "Prevention and treatment of diseases of civilization" - STRATEGMED Consortium Circulate which includes Polski Bank Komórek Macierzystych (Polish Stem Cell Bank), Jagiellonian University, and many other renowned research centers won the...