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The Central Laboratory of the FamiCord Group has achieved prestigious AABB accreditation for Cellular Starting Material (CSM), underscoring FamiCord's commitment to upholding the highest standards of quality and safety, as well as continuous improvement of procedures related to the preparation of cord blood stem cells. Stem cells have been used in medicine for several decades as a material for transplantation, which involves their collection, preparation, and storage. Another way to harness the therapeutic potential of cells is to use them in the production of advanced therapies (classified as Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products by the European Medicines Agency). The role of banks such as PBKM is to provide the best possible starting product (which may include cord blood).

The prestigious AABB qualification is the result of an intensive evaluation process conducted by independent, professional auditors who verify whether the facility maintains a comprehensive quality management system for the cellular starting material. The assessment is based on compliance with international standards set by AABB and local guidelines. All banks that have obtained AABB CSM qualification must undergo re-evaluation every two years.

The priority of the FamiCord Group is to provide high-quality cell banking services that can be used in the future to treat our clients or members of their families," explains Dr. Tomasz Ołdak, a Member of the FamiCord Group Board responsible for laboratories and technology. "Once again, we have proven that our quality system meets the high AABB standards for the collection, storage, and processing of cells at our Central Laboratory. We are proud of this, as AABB accreditation is synonymous with quality and excellence recognized worldwide."

AABB CSM accreditation confirms that the FamiCord Group is becoming a trusted partner for companies seeking a bank partner in the field of supplying initial cellular material. It also provides the opportunity to produce personalized cell therapies for clients banking cord blood.

About AABB: 

AABB (Association for the Advancement Blood and Biotherapies) is an international association of stem cell banks. Its mission is to develop and provide standards, accreditation, and educational programs to ensure that transplantation and cell therapies are safe, accessible, and effective worldwide. More information about AABB CSM qualification and accreditation can be found here.

About the FamiCord Group: 

FamiCord is part of the Vita 34 Group, the largest in Europe and the 3rd largest stem cell bank in the world. Thanks to an extensive network of laboratories, cord blood banking services in our company are available in dozens of countries worldwide. Over more than 25 years of operation, we have collected 930,000 stem cell samples, and the cell products prepared by our laboratories have helped over 6,500 patients.


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