Social responsibility
of business

Being one of the worldwide leaders, FamiCord is a socially responsible company. We feel obliged to help families in need, who suffer from serious illnesses. That is why in some countries where FamiCord Group operates, there is a possibility to collect cord blood with highly discounted costs within the „Directed Donation” Program. Additionally, we offer blood donation for public banking.
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The "Directed Donation" Program

The program is open to families with a seriously ill child who, at the birth of another baby, want to collect The program is open to families with a seriously ill child who, at the birth of another baby, want to collect umbilical cord blood and use it for treatment. The only expenses  incurred by parents are very low percenta-ge of processing cost and the cost of storing the sample over one year.

How to join the "Directed Donation" Program?

Parents (or statutory guardians) provide FamiCord with an excerpt from the medical history of the child with a diagnosis or a certificate from the attending physician that the child can be treated with stem cells and the application for joining the Program. The above documents should be sent to the PBKM address. After accepting the application, FamiCord releases the Parents from a significant part of the fees (basic payment and banking less than one year).

Public bank

Public cord blood bank is a place where umbilical cord blood can be donated if you do not want to have it for your family. This possibility PBKM creates for parents from 2011. The main goal is to increase the resources stored in Poland umbilical cord blood, and thus increase access to treatment for those in need outside the family. The Ministry of Health became the partner of PBKM in this action.

As part of this initiative, PBKM allows the donation of umbilical cord blood in selected hospitals in Warsaw and conducts a nationwide campaign of the Cord Blood Days every year in selected hospitals.

Parents who decide to donate umbilical cord blood to a public bank decide on a beautiful gesture. They donate valuable stem cells that can save someone's life and health, but unlike family banking, they give up their rights. This means that they do not bear the costs of obtaining and storing umbilical cord blood, but they give up the possibility of using it if the need arises in the future.