Polish authorities statement

Frequently Asked Questions regarding transfers of samples from CryoSave to FamiCord Laboratory

English: Frequently-Asked-Questions-regarding-transfers-of-samples-from-CryoSave.pdf

Hungarian: Gyakran-Ismetelt-Kerdesek-biologiai-mintak-Cryo-Save-tol-FamiCord-laborba-torteno-szallitasaval-kapcsolatban.docx.pdf

Spanish: Preguntas-frecuentes-sobre-la-transferencia-de-muestras-de-CryoSave-al-laboratorio-FamiCord..pdf

Italian: Domande-frequenti-riguardanti-il-trasferiemnto-dei-campioni-da-Cryo-Save-al-laboratorio-FamiCord.pdf

Bulgarian: Често задавани въпроси относно прехвърлянето на проби от в лаборатория на FamiCord.pdf

German: Haufig-gestellte-Fragen-zur-Ubertragung-von-Proben-aus-CryoSave.pdf

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