About FamiCord

Since it was established as a cord blood bank, FamiCord focuses mainly on providing cord blood banking services to families in Europe. The majority of our customers are contacted by FamiCord’s own personnel, in some countries specialized agents are appointed.

FamiCord’s role is to collect, process, test and store cord blood. Cord blood derived stem cells are released from storage for transplantation when it is needed. FamiCord specialists are actively supporting this life saving process, which has been proven by more than 200 successful transplantations carried out in several transplantation clinics located in different countries and continents.

FamiCord laboratories also process other tissues (i.e. umbilical cord tissue, placenta) which are a rich source of mesenchymal stem cells. These cells have also been used for transplantations.

Since 2011 FamiCord has been building an inventory of cord blood for public use. Now more than 3000 high quality cord blood units are available for unrelated recipients all over the world. This is the largest public inventory of cord blood available among European family banks.